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New Viveport Arcade details - forum coming soon


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Hi Stephen , is the Viveport arcade forum open yet... would like to add some comments which I don't want public. We've been running thevrhub.co.uk for a few months now and can give some insight into pricing. I think we've got out pricing about right as I worked out what other activities like bowling, going to the cinema or paintballing cost on a per person per hour cost and our £15/hour per rig base price is about right if you consider you can share it and take turns. We can lower pricing from this if a group comes in and takes 2 or more rigs as we can take less staff time explaining the kit, and 1 staff member can supervise both rigs in a room instead of having 1 per rig.

These prices are sustainable even with Steams's quite pricey license fees as long as we keep the number of titles per rig down. If we had to pay €10 per hour per rig on Viveport, that's €20 of our £25 mulitplayer session fee gone. Thats £17.69  at current exchange rates - assuming we don't get the usual $1=£1 conversion :( Thats a non starter for me. Having only about 7 titles on a rig isn't a problem for customers - even those with the shortest attention spans are finding the mix we've created more than enough to keep them busy and we're now starting to get repeat customers.


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To add 1 more thing.. we're getting group bookings now for up to 2 hours. We currently quote people £40 on a 2 hour 2 rigs party booking for up to 6 in the small room as it would be an exact 2 hours - not the usual 1h15 as people do "have enough" at around that length of time. Even when swapping in and out to take turns. With 2 rigs for 2 hours we'd be lookng at €40 of Viveport fees, leaving nothing to cover Rent and other overheads. With Steam licensing we'd be running a profit if we can fill all our weekend slots. But with viveport pricing we'd have a massive loss. That should ring some alarm bells.

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Hi ,

I'd also like to be added to the arcade forum. Thank you,

I feel that hit the nail on the head with this, particularly in his last paragraph "The solution could be one additional subscription option, for example 200 eur/month/station flat rate without time limit, it could give quite nice money for HTC and for each developer to share according to used minutes, and same time final price for end customer could be on acceptable level."

From thoes I have contacted in the VR industry about commercial use it seems almost every one of them is doing a small flat monthly fee. In fact 90% of them are doing $100 per month per unit. while they are doing equipment and not the games it seems that that is what the industry is paying. it's very simple that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

at $200 per unit per month assuming an arcade is using 10 vives thats $2,000 a month in fees. This would be a normal and reasonable business expense.

Going by the $10/hr route, assuming the same place is using each station for 5 hours a day for 30 days in a month that equates to $15,000 a month in fees.

Going by that model its a no brainer to go with Steam when I've frequently seen people post that they are spending upwards of $6,000 a month in fees to them.(and to be honest they are actively trying to get out of that)

Now lets flip this around as a plus side for your business aspect,

say the same place has a horrible month. they only sold 20 hours of game play for the month. thats only $200 to you VS having a flat steady income regardless of hours used

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