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New Viveport Arcade details - forum coming soon


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Hello arcade operators and developers!


With GDC happening this week, we've got new information about the Viveport Arcade program to share. Here's a new article by Venturebeat that covers off a lot of information.


This section, I'm pretty sure, will be important to you:


"Operators will pay HTC for points, which equate to a certain amount of time. As the consumer plays the Vive titles, points will be deducted from the operator’s total point reserve. As an example, the rate in the US is $10 for 1,000 points. Those 1,000 points give the operator a total of 60 minutes of playtime.


If the operator purchases 10,000 points for $100, he or she has 10 hours (600 minutes) of total playtime. If one title is played for 600 minutes, that one developer splits the $100 with HTC."


We've also opened up a new page for more information here: https://developer.viveport.com/us/arcade/


Here's some relevant info screencapped on pricing for other territories:




(As it says there, if you want to know about pricing in other countries, contact viveportarcade@htc.com - I don't have that info.)


We've also added both Arcade Operator and Arcade Best Practice FAQs. I've attached both to this post (check top right on desktop).


Finally! We are opening private forums for arcade operators to talk, both with each other and with HTC employees. These will be up in a few days, but for now, if you want to gain access to these forums, please leave me a quick note in this thread (or send me a PM) so I can begin to compile a list of usernames.






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Hi Stephen,

thanks a lot for the update. It's way too pricey in my opinion. Charging the customer 10€ (for HTC and developers only) plus another 20€ to cover all other costs won't work well in my area ( rural Ireland). People won't pay that amount again and again. They will once, but thats it.

It seems to work to work out cheaper and more economic to use the already expensive Steam system with individual licenses...

HTC should make it a bit easier for arcade operators. They and also the developers taking a lot of risk starting the businesses wiyhout knowing how long the novelty will last...











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Thanks for your post, . Bear in mind the prices quoted above are examples. I think in reality a lot of people won't spend an hour in VR - especially in an arcade. Bear in mind many of the apps on Viveport Arcade, including games, will be special arcade versions that are designed for a quick play experience.


So, you could charge $10 (or Euros, sorry I don't have that on my keyboard :) ) and then the player could 'spend' that 60m over a number of sessions.


That said, I'd love to hear feedback based on your (or others) maths on this. If it's cheaper to go with Steam, please lay it out for us and I guarantee your feedback will be shared.

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Hi Stephen, 

Please add me to the list for the forum for arcade operators.  We are opening at the beginning of April and it is always interesting to hear what other operators are doing.  While we have been waiting anxiously for prices on the Viveport Arcade I must agree that it is pricey.  It will be interesting to see what others think.


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I'll have to do some math but my initial thoughts are that's its way too expensive. I'm very disappointed by this as I've been waiting on the announcement for a while now. Are these prices final? When we get the list of games/experiences?


Thanks, Jamie.

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In my opinion, way to expensive. 10 USD/h is much more expensive than current the most expensive Steam licenses. Let’s say, average computer use is 6h/day, 28 days/month so the cost for one computer would be 1680 USD/month, crazy. With such money is possible to have quite nice set of licenses from Steam, even with their expensive prices. Yes, I know, it is access not to just one game, but hundreds or even thousands of games but... in one minute, one person play only one game, so it is not important how big library is, bigger library just keep customers longer interested... and there is no games worth 10 USD/h especially that this is not the only cost. How about according to your guide 20 m2 space for one customer (4.5x4.5), how about stuff, how about computers and other equipment amortization, how about other costs. To pay all costs, the price for customer will have to be about 25-27 EUR/h and it is more than people want to pay and return for more. I believe the maximum money returning customer going to pay is less than 20 EUR/h , probably even close to 15 EUR/h , no more. 

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Thanks for all the feedback here. Passing it on!


 (and others) - the forum isn't actually live yet. I spoke too soon on that, sorry. When it's up, I'll make sure to add all who've requested.


, on your concerns - do you think most consumers will want a full hour in VR? Generally, VR experiences can be pretty intense over short periods. I know 30m of playing Raw Data was pretty tough on me! I'm just wondering if your pricing should adjust in that regard, with a higher amount for a lower period of time.


As a sort-of comparative example, the Dave and Busters' chain here in the US charges $10 for an hour of play during special promotional periods (4:30pm to 7pm on weekdays). That's for 'normal' arcade games, although it includes higher-end simulators and the like. With VR being a newer and more intensive experience, perhaps it's reasonable to expect to charge more.


Of course, you know your market and what you feel the market will bear. That's why we want to open this up to discussion and your opinions, whether negative, positive or neutral, are definitely welcome!

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Hi Rockjaw,


Thank you for taking the time to respond to people's concerns and questions.


Dave and Buster's may charge this but they serve food and alcohol to help offset the cost of their business.  Also, they have brand recognition and millions in revenue.  It's not really comparable to a small business that may be looking to add Vive to their showcase, or me who would like to start a mobile company serving parties and/or events.  Also, that $10 includes a profit margin for D & B (or their drink/food budget covers losses).  Viveport owners would have to build their profit margin into their pricing.  This could conceivably increase the cost to the consumer three-fold.


I agree that players will likely not go 30 minutes straight, so pricing seems worse in these scenarios.  I may be willing to pay $7 - $10 for 15 minutes of play time, but I would likely not be a repeat customer. 


For instance, in my circumstance, I will book a party and charge a flat rate per hour.  This is fine as long as I'm only running one unit ($10 license fee).  However, with parties of 10 or more I would likely have to run two to provide enough customer hands-on use per person ($20 license fee).  Ideally, I would run four units (like Youtube's Node) for co-op gaming.  Now I'm looking at $40 an hour in license fees to have four people play the same title at the same time.


Also, unless I'm mistaken, to run Viveport you have to purchase the "Business Edition" which is $400 more than the consumer edition.  Granted, it contains a cord extender and a dedicated customer support line, but is that $400 in value?  Maybe it should come standard with the Deluxe Audio Strap and/or the upcoming wireless TPCAST.

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