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My First Mindshow Video


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As some of you might know i am lucky to be part of the Alpha testing of Mindshow. 
So after about an hour playing around and getting used to the simple controls of how to do things i thought i would share with you my first video Mindshow Bad jokes 



Thanks for watching 



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You just shattered my dreams as a comic :smileyfrustrated:


Its really easy to use you set the scene just into the different people and act out your parts
then just grab the camera paly back what you have acted and film it. 

This took me about 30mins to put together as i did make a few mistakes 

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Hey, thank you a lot for sharing this video with us. I can’t say how grateful to watch this video. Also, I would love to share it with my friends and family, who are interested. I hope you will publish such articles in the future as well. It’s so helpful. Goodbye.

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