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Couple ?s: How often do they give away games? Is there a list somewhere of titles that have been given to annual Infinity subscribers to keep forever?

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The After the Fall promotion got me wondering about this. Has anyone been around long enough to know? Does a list exist somewhere? I subbed over the holidays, and I've been given After the Fall, Zombieland, and Song in the Smoke. I didn't care enough about Drunken Bar Fight, seemed too gimmicky. I know they gave away TWD: Saints & Sinners, wish I had been here for that, but at least it's on Infinity. What other games have they given to annual subscribers to keep forever?

I'd also be interested in knowing how often they do this. It's pretty insane that in just a couple months I've been given 3 big name titles just for being a member. It's great and was wondering how regular this is. I'd be a subscriber either way, but was hoping someone knew. 

Thanks to the Viveport Infinity team for this great service. It's absolutely nuts what a great value this is for VR gamers. There are so many great games that I'd never get to play if not for Infinity. Please never go away!

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Also, I just noticed you can buy codes on Amazon for Infinity subs. Do people that redeem codes for a year's subscription Infinity qualify for the game giveaways as well? Sorry for all the questions!

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@Evolved There tends to be more keep it forever content giveaways around the Q4 holidays, but we try to keep a steady flow of content coming onto the platform.

Honestly, a good portion of it is dependent on the release schedule of our developer and publishing partners and the types of deal structure we're able to work out with them. Sometimes there are periods in the VR ecosystem where the number of new releases slow down.

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