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Games of the Month.


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As the month of December draws to a close here are my top 3 picks of the games that came out and should be in your collection. 
Number 1 spot goes to Serious Sam: The First Encounter SS Link. Why did it get to my top spot? Its Crazy, Fast, Fun, and has Big Guns. Teleport or touchpad movement the guys really did think of everything in this game. You can try and tackle it on your own or best in group with the multiplayer option. 9/10 we need more games like this.   

Number 2 is Smashbox Arena Smash link. slick, fun and well designed game. play against others in the arena if the numbers are low the Ai fills in the gaps and these Ai's are not a push over. Its quirky enough to make you smile the second  you enter the game but once your playing you forget its cutesy cartoon characters your playing against. 8/10

Number 3 is Lockdown: Stand alone Lockdown link I brought this game the day it came out because someone said it was good. I was not disappointed, First off it mixes teleport and locomotion it has freedom to move around the maps and play. The guns are cool the monsters are scary but above all its the atmosphere that the game creates as your playing it. It reminded me so much of the early resident evil games. At least 4 hours of game play here to keep you going and more updates on its way. 7.5/10

These are my top 3 games. What are yours for the month of December. Please only games that came out this month. 

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