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Viveport Won't Install


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I just got a Vive Cosmos. I'm trying to install Viveport on a laptop with a fresh installation of Windows 10. The install program just sort of stops with the blue progress bar about two centimetres along from the left.

I then installed Steam and SteamVR but it's the same problem with Viveport. It's a Dell G5 laptop with these specs:

CPU i7-10750H

GPU GeForce RTX 2070

I'm using a DP to mini DP adaptor.

The installation has made a VIVE folder with only an Updater folder inside it. The Updater folder has App, Config, Meta, NewUpdater, Temp, Tool and Uninstall folders.

Is there a way to know what is causing the install program to stall?

Any help would be great please!


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