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Focus 3 *needs* to be supported on Viveport Infinity


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I know, Focus 3 is a "business headset." It's for "enterprise users." Well...we know not everyone is using it that way. And I want to see this awesome headset succeed! I still have my fingers crossed that HTC will release a sub-$1k consumer version at some point, because this thing is getting better and better. One way to promote that would be...Infinity Support! I signed up knowing I wouldn't be able to use the Focus 3 for standalone Infinity games and of course SteamVR works fine with the Focus 3 (and my Reverb G2 of course!)  But again, if we want these standalone headsets to grow in popularity, because really they SHOULD be the default type of headset, this is obvious to anyone who has tried one...Viveport Infinity support *needs* to be included.


C'mon now let's make it happen. 😉

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