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Error Publishing VR Content - missing bindings - path to actions.json is wrong

Torsten Sperling-Ufer

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hi there,

we just puplished (or at least tried) a VR experience supposed to run on HTC vice. The application made it through QA, the beta-version runs fine, but in the pusblished version there's a strange thing:

a request path to the actions.json (where all the controller-bindings etc are set) ist not beeing recognized, or definetly wrong.

thing is, that in the file VRmanifest, the path looks perfectly good and is working ind standalone & beta-puplish perfectly fine.

what is wrong? what exactly happens? whats the difference between the beta-publish & the live-version? who or what changes the path of the actions.json into something like ._actions.json?

thanks for any help, i'm out of ideas and need to deliver within 48 hours.

thanks, torsten



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