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Viveport Infinity +Vive Focus 3

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Hi, does Viveport Infinity appear as an App in the VIVE Focus 3 allowing me to download games LOCALLY on the headset without the need of streaming an SteamVR and connecting to a PC?

I am actually looking for games I can also play outdoor with my headset independently

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On 8/11/2021 at 1:28 AM, HackPerception said:

@Jaxx1974 The content store for Focus 3 is the "Vive Business Appstore" https://business.vive.com/appstore

It has a handful of games on there, but the device is mostly targeting enterprise developers and customers and so there isn't a consumer-style gaming lineup of content.

Ok thank you, I ve seen the content store on the headset. For everything else I need a streaming PC and platform like SteamVR, correct?

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