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Vive Console update


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the vive console was working very fine... then there was update and after that update the surrounding camera is not working anymore .

so I said maybe the next updat will fix it

then the last update came .. and it only made it worse.

any way to revert back or to roll back to older versions of Vive console ?

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Model : Vive Cosmos
the headset is working fine & I can play all apps & games
but only the see through camera is not working
the surroundings camera .. the one that allows you to see the real world around you when you click twice on vive symbol or when you click the side button in the headset
it's also the camera that shows you the real world whenever you are about to hit something with your head
it now shows only black screen... rectangular black screen (not full black screen which indicates software problem)
all this happened as soon as I updated the vive software
so any way to get back to older version of the software
I know it will 100% solve my problem
is there any older versions of vive software .. any link for those versions .
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