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New Software to Install for the New Vive pro 2?

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I saw a review about the New Vive Pro 2 and I asked the person who wrote the review if you were to already have the software installed for a earlier Vive headset, Can you just plug it in and use it. They told me there is a new software and to uninstall the old software and install the new software for the new Headset. Is this True? Will you lose all your installed programs too and have to reinstall them?

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@Laughingboy -

To run Vive Pro 2, you'll need SteamVR as well as an app called "Vive Console". Pro 2 is forced to integrate a bunch of hardware specific optimizations technologies to hit the 5K resolution.

If you already have a SteamVR setup, all you do is run the Vive installer, and then all of your content will work. If you already have Vive console installed, you'll just need to update it to whatever is current.

You don't need to uninstall any of your content. Your content is completely separate.

If you just

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