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Oculus Quest 2 but games all Vive Only


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I'm using an Oculus Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop, yet all the games I've tried so far -- each claiming to be Oculus compatible -- are VIVE ONLY.  While the controllers do track and they are somewhat playable, they assume that I am using VIVE wands. This forces the use of the joysticks as pads and this makes something like I Expect You to Die impossible to play.

How do I get the games to run in version that uses Touch controllers?

I have my Quest set up in the Oculus software and I'm also running them through Steam. Still. Nada. VIVE only.

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@Hartnell What controller model do they show when you're in a blank SteamVR compositor environment (e.g. Steam home). This might be a SteamVR mapping problem.

Outside of SteamVR, since Virtual Desktop itself is a mod, it doesn't work out of the box perfectly and alot of developers have had to go in and specifically publish updates to address problems people were having on Virtual Desktop. You can find more discussion about specific game support on other communities.

Because of stuff like this, it's always best to troubleshoot with wired first to try and eliminate virtual desktop itself as the source of the problem

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@Hartnell If a game has been marked as Oculus compatible, then it's been personally tested and confirmed to work with Rift/Rift S or Linked Quest. Some have native support through the Oculus runtime, and many others use SteamVR. Most titles have undergone multiple QA titles that means the problem is likely something specific to your local setup and non-offical things like Virtual Desktop increase complexity. I'd recommend first trying with Link and seeing the problem happens there. If it does, go into SteamVR and check your controller mapping and see what controller you have selected as your "current controller". In SteamVR - you can emulate other controllers and that's what I suspect may be happening here.

You can try to verify based on what controller model you see when you have SteamVR open but no other app open (except SteamVR home), or by going into the SteamVR controller binding and seeing what the "Active Controller" binding is.

You can see why something like Virtual Desktop can make this more complex.




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