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Annual subscription vs Monthly subscription


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I subscribed to the annual subscription a few months ago and as of lately, I'm being told my account is going to be cancelled because I don't have enough money in my account to cover the monthly fee. I don't understand this because I always thought when you pay for an annual plan, you get that plan through out the year. But yet, it states that it's an annual subscription that's paid monthly? So what's the difference between monthly and annually. I got two emails, one claiming that I have until the 15th to make a payment or it's cancelling my account, another states that if I don't pay by the 16th, then it's going to cancel. Also states that I have access to all the infinity content until 12/11/21? This is all so confusing. No one explains this to me, they just send me links to this information on the website. I asked to get in touch with a supervisor to help me with this and I'm told to request a support ticket. I did that over and over and over again, support ticket after support ticket and no one answers me back. I understand they are busy but at least keep my account in good standing until I speak to someone about this. 

I need to have this explained to me. Monthly and Annual seem to be the same, both paid monthly and yet one of the emails I got states I have access to all the content until 12/11/21. So I'm very confused and also very confused on why it's canceling already when I paid for the annual subscription. Meanwhile I just paid for a subscription I thought I was getting for the year, has been canceled.

Thanks in advance.


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