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Viveport account profile Location different than Store Location = Cant' purchase


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On 4/23/2021 at 3:18 PM, HackPerception said:

@JoshaGibby - Can you please link to the FB thread? Which way did you try to sign up for an HTC account? Within the PC client? On a website?

I can definitely chase up on this and see if it's a more widespread thing. 

Yes it was over at this Oculus VR - Virtual Reality : Viveport Infinity keeps changing my currency to AED when I need it in USD | Facebook link. If you look above BandWFrog showed an image of the missing Zip Code field that's normally how it appears on both mobile and desktop for people. However like in the Facebook posting you can see the field enabled for someone else. Also this is most likely easily replicated of a bug.

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On 4/22/2021 at 2:29 PM, JoshaGibby said:

[HERE'S THE SOLUTION I FOUND]: I clicked on the location menu that said United States then changed it to a completely different country afterwards such as United Arab Emigrates then back to United States then after I clicked off the menu it suddenly gave me access to the zip location. Then after just entering that zip location literally this being the only difference from my previous attempts at setting this signing up it actually finally worked then. I now see USD being payable as a currency.]

Thank you! This worked!

Jeez, Viveport, get your act together

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