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Under the Skin - stuck in first scene

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Anybody tried Under the Skin experience from IDFA DocLab?

I'm stuck in the opening environment, the favela alley where the polaroid pictures are hung up on clotheslines.  I can't interact with the remaining photo. Moving around the environment doesn't trigger any event. Can't move on to the next scene. There has to be some interaction that continues with experience, but I can't figure out what it is.

(Using Valve Index)

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@DeathSkull542 - I tried to reproduce this a number of ways but couldn't. Every time, after a short intro - the poloroids fly away leaving a single poloroid that you pick up to trigger the next scene. If you're having a black screen - you may need to download and install the "HVEC For Device Manufacterers" plugin from the Windows Store App - it's free (just click "Get" a few times, you usually don't actually have to log in). Windows 10 depreciated native HVEC support which can sometimes create problems in apps with 360 parts

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@VibrantNebula, thanks for having a look!

Valve Index users, use pinch grab (A + trigger) to interact with the last polaroid. Grip grab didn't work for me, though it seems to be set up correctly in the controller bindings.

(The developer used knuckles too well. I haven't used pinch grab in any other games, so didn't think to try it...)

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