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Searching for headmounted display

AACO Architectuur

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Whenever starting up my HTC Vive from Revit / Enscape, I keep getting the message that the system is "searching for headmounted display".

However, all seems to be working fine, and everything still worked perfectly a few months ago.

In HTC Vive I see the mountains on my headset and on my PC, but the link from my Escape / Revit to the headset is not working anymore.

Can anyone help me get this fixed, please?

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@AACO Architectuur If you see a black SteamVR compositor window (e.g. the mountains which is basically your wallpaper) it means that the HMD/SteamVR itself is working 100% normally. You can double check by trying any SteamVR application (i.e. The Lab). Sometimes a SteamVR update can break compatibility but that's increasingly less and less common.

In all likelihood, it's the content's implementation of SteamVR that's the problem. I'd recommend reinstalling the plugin you use to get Enscape/Revit into the headset as a first step. We do not work with the Enscape team nor do we distribute it - you'd need to contact them directly for support as SteamVR support in their app is handled and distributed entirely on their side.

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