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Vive Pro (Wireless) - Sound turns off/3 USB noises/blackscreen/wireless disconnects


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Good evening, I recently bought the Vive Pro with 5 (full body) sensors and a wireless adapter (along with an extra wireless HTC battery).

Here's the issue, I play something like VRChat for example, and all goes according to plan, I can play fluently, and all the trackers work, controllers track well, sensors track fine, battery is all up to charge on everything.


-Keep in mind, my computer volume setting is on HTC VivePro Media 2 [Or something along those lines] and so is my microphone for in game use.

-All works fine, I can hear people, others can hear me clear.


As you see in the video, you can see me (top left corner) with the in game camera [reference my full body movement]. Just after I say "Alright there we go" (IN MY HEADSET) I hear 3 USB plugin noises sound and (IN THE VIDEO/HEADSET) my sound cuts out, and my headset is disconnected from anything it's connected to, shown by my body in game completely destroying itself and inverting every joint there is possible.


This is an ongoing issue and I can't seem to find a fix, I bought the wireless adapter to not use the cord and it looks like the only way to fluently play would be a cord....

Someone please help me.

-Discord: Prxsyy#1065

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