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Some games have out of date versions on Viveport


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Hello! I've been a Viveport infinity subscriber for a couple of years now. Recently, I've been noticing that some of the games aren't getting patched after a certain point. For example, "Into the Radius", which was added to infinity a couple of months ago stopped getting the patches roughly a month ago. I've noticed it with other games as well. For example, "Gates of Nowhere" is version 1.0.1 on Viveport, but the community page says that it's up to version 1.5.

I have auto-updates turned on for my games, and see some games getting updated every time I open the app, so I was wondering why the titles mentioned above were excluded from patches.


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Hello @Nightshade,

Viveport is essentially a self-submission platform - all of the platforms are really. The developer has to generate the store-specific build and then push it to the platform. We can bump the developer and ask them to maintain build parity but ultimately the dev actually has to generate and publish the build. We host what they publish.

Most VR devteams are small and maintaining various store builds often comes down to manpower and resources.

We'll reach out to the titles you mentioned and ask for refreshed builds.

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@VibrantNebulathank you for the explanation.

I had reached out to the makers of "Into the Radius" as well and received the following response "it's just each update there needs to go through their QA, so we don't submit it that often. I hope the newest version will be there on Tuesday"

Is there a way to speed up this QA process for games that are already in the store to make this more efficient?

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@Nightshade - We operate on a whitelist system. Once a developer publishes a few builds with us and demonstrates they can safely push builds that support the hardware platforms a developer claims they support without issue - they gain the ability to publish builds immediately. Basically training wheels for newly on boarded devs while they learn out platform. It prevent customers from downloading content that doesn't work. We have to navigate between having a heavy QA hand and having a store full of broken bloatware and this is the balance we're currently at.

I'll raise this response internally

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