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Publishing games for Viveport arcade

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Hi everyone,

our company wants to release our Unity game for viveport arcade. The thing is that the whole viveport, viveport arcade, viveport infinity is so confusing. Broken links everywhere, other stuff not really explained.

My question is, how do we publish for viveport arcade.

I've found this link: 

It says I have to download a lot of stuff. Which is not a problem.
My main concern is the API, it says "Before you publish your content to VIVEPORT, you can use the following features in your content if you integrate the VIVEPORT SDK into your content:"  Does this mean i dont have to do this API Stuff in Unity, when it says "you can.."?


So all in all if someone has a step by step guide hot to publish games with Unity to the viveport arcade, I (our company) would really appreciate it ^^.

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