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Viveport arcade manager shows up empty

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i hope someone here can help us. 
We have one master PC and 8 client PC's. All of them run Viveport Arcade.
When we start up Viveport , you can see al the games that we have launched on each client pc. 
I don't know how this surrounding is called, but we call it the dome. I can see the categories that i've made and i can select any game.
When i select a game, everything works fine. I go to the game and i can play it. When i exit the game and go back to 'the dome' the problem starts. Sometimes the dome is empty, i can't see any games, i only can use the button 'call operator'. I have to stop the arcade session and start it again, to solve the problem. 
When guests are paying us, we think that it's not a professional solution to start up the arcade again every single time. Especially because it happens a few times during one session. 

Does anyone have the same problem? or knows a solution for it?

We have the latest version of steam and windows, our computers are gaming computers.


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