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Import 3rd party content on Viveport Arcade

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Got a feedback from Viveport support asking me to reinstall Steam Vr.

Unfortunately after the reinstall of steam VR on the client is still not working. Impossible to import 3rd party games' list from the Host.
I tried a complete reinstall : Steam, Steam VR and Viveport Arcade Host and Client.
- After the install of Steam, Steam VR and Viveport Client I've downloaded the game Rec Room from Steam which is not available on Viveport arcade on Client PC.
- Complete reinstall of Viveport Arcade Manager on the Host PC. Host can reach the Client and see Viveport arcade games but still impossible to import the game Rec Room or other games not available on Viveport Arcade Shop.
Hope we can find a solution quickly because I can't manage my venue without it.
Thank you
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