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Vive Cosmos Elite subscirption?


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I sent an email already regarding this on Friday, I know you are very busy with the Covid-19, but I wanted to make sure I reached out to all the right channels.



I have recently purchased the HTC Cosmos Elite for my PC, and have found that the bundle included not only the Half Life Alyx, but also a subscription trial to Viveport. According to the User Terms Agreement, I am supposed to receive both, however, it made me choose from one or the other. Upon choosing the Viveport, it wouldn't let me redeem Alyx, and now states that the "Code has already been redeemed, please try again." If you could assist me and solving this dilemma so that I may get the full experience out of the Cosmos Bundle as soon as possible, that would be greatly appreciated.

On top of this, when I at least tried to redeem my "free 6-month" infinity subscription, the page glitched out,  and upon reloading it wanted me to pay $77 for it. I'm not very enthused about how this has turned out.

I may be on the wrong channel here, but any help that could be sent my way would be very greatly appreciated.

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