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Where are saved game files stored?


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@Ditchmagnet - It a game by game basis - each developer chooses how to implement a save system into their game on the PC side and with VR content - there's alot of variety because there are a higher proportion of indie studios. Most commonly, it's located in one of the folders next to the game executable. In Viveport, the games are stored in a folder that's named after the Viveport content ID. For instance Creed would be in a folder called 75b2b271-f432-4c2c-9090-7fb1f60f0d88 because that's the URL on it's store page and within the backend.

Sometimes games store saves in windows AppData folder. Othertimes they create folders within Documents. Superhot for instance does it's own thing and creates files called "super.hot" and places them in an obscure hidden folder. You see a little bit of everything on PC-VR.

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