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Not getting Free 2-month offer code


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I'm trying to do the free 2-month trial through this page:



I created a Viveport account, my Rift is connected, Steam VR and Viveport are installed and running but I never get anything other than a 14 day trial offer. Is there something else I need to do to receive a 2-month code? Thanks for any insight!

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1 hour ago, VibrantNebula said:

@skullivan Looking into this for you. I don't believe that specific promotion is active - that was quite some time ago. We do however have a major promotion going on related to the shelter in place: https://uploadvr.com/viveport-infinity-play-at-home-sale/

Oh OK, I see the expiration of October 2019 now,thanks for the quick reply! I came across that page through a SlickDeals link about the $27 Infinity subscription so I assumed it was ongoing.I went ahead with the two week trial and that should be more than enough to see if I want to subscribe for the year before that deal ends on the 19th. Thanks again!

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