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Vive Video 360 3D quality


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Maybe this sounds like a noob question, but as a new owner of htc vive I just tried some of the 360 videos from Vive Video, and the quality is really really bad, even at 4K resolution.

I mean, I know that htc vive pro has quite a good oled screen but man... when I play a 360 video is like paying a 320p quality on my monitor. Is so bad that I tought the internet speed was low and the quality somehow adjusted to super low resolution, but actually I saw that all 360 videos are just...that bad.

Is there any good 360 videos to enjoy them? Maybe made with latest tech like insta 360 8K or something...


thanks guys.

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@dflorin77 , Is it a specific video or channel that's giving you problems? I wasn't able to reproduce on most of the videos - they were what I expected for a streamed 4K video. Bear in mind that 4K is actually not that high of a resolution when spread out over 360x360 but it's about the point at which it starts being watchable. Nothing can play back 8K 360 videos right now in real-time, the current hardware barrier is a 5.7K. That said, most of the videos on Viveport video should definitely be watchable. Also bear in mind that streamed content is always going to be a drop in quality from downloaded content.

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