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Samsung odyssey


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I keep getting “headset not supported” on every game I try, is viveport useless for Odyssey? 
Is there a trick to get games to work with my odyssey using “windows mixed reality”..

i purchased infinity package by the month and I’m thinking that it’s a waste of money.

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 We definitely support WMR. Are you trying to launch the games via SteamVR? In most cases, developers target WMR support via Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR.

Very few games overall have been developed for WMR natively - only a handful of games actually run natively on WMR regardless of storefront and for the most part, content is driven to those headsets via the WMR for SteamVR plugin. WMR adoption is so low, most developers can't recoup the costs of natively integrating support for WMR's SDKs and so they instead piggyback off their SteamVR integration.

Not all games on Viveport have been listed/approved as supporting WMR - each store page for a given title will list the types of HMD's the developers are advertising the build to be compatible with. We then QA and test for compatibility across each HMD type a developer selects as supporting. You can also use the filters in the client to specifically look for ones that are QA'ed across WMR.


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