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As I've never done this before.. I 'm a bit confused by the "UNLIMITED  Infinity Pass .. it says ALL GAMES ARE FREE?? but it says you get discounts and etc.. if everything is free what discounts do I need?

or is NOT everything free? I see games that say 24.95 I don't want to get charged that much if I click on it? if I have infinity?



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Hi @FrankD0417,  

If you are an infinity subscriber, you could download and play the content with infinity icon image.png.aa048d280bbef8e93edbc6afaad71fbb.png for free.
If the content without infinity icon which you would like to play ,  you will need to pay for it.


Currently, if you are a subscriber, you will receive a 10% OFF coupon code every month.
This coupon could be used on your purchase.



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