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SUPERHOT VR not available on Infinity?


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Whenever I go to the "Games" tab on viveport.com I'm greeted with a banner that says SUPERHOT VR is "New in Infinity", but when I click on the game it only gives me an option to purchase it, not download with infinity. I can download other infinity games so I don't think it's anything I've done on my end.

If it matters I have a Samsung Odyssey+ and my infinity subscription is the two free months thing.


I've included a photo of the webpage with the SUPERHOT VR banner to better show what I mean.


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Hello @ijkkjcccdkrszyr,

I had the same problem, Super HOT VR refused to start after the update.

When I started the game, the screen remained black.

I solved this problem simply by deleting the "SUPERHOT_Team" folder in :


After launching the game this directory will be recreated.
 Good game to you


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