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Screenshots with HTC VIVE


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I'm used to using SteamVR games exclusively, just started SuperHot VR from Viveport. I'm trying to take screen from the game and it doesnt work the same way. I checked SteamVR settings, controller binding is default power+trigger for 2 seconds. I can capture screens of the VR home, and other games from SteamVR


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Hi @Wesaraw

The way you are doing it should capture the screenshot you are trying to take.

Check out these instructions and let me know if they help, if not we will figure out how to get it taken care of. 


How can I capture screenshots in VR?

While in VR, press the System button and the trigger at the same time. You'll see a notification when the screenshot is saved.

You can access screenshots directly from the Steam client by clicking View > Screenshots.

To find screenshots from apps downloaded in VIVEPORT, navigate to the Steam installation folder. The default location on 64-bit versions of Windows is:

C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\0\screenshots

If you have chosen a custom installation folder, navigate to it and find the following subfolder:

...\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\0\screenshots

Screenshots from other apps can be found in their respective folder:

...\Steam\userdata\[Steam user number]\760\remote\[app folder]\screenshots

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Taking screenshots: Pre the system button and trigger at the same time.HTC Vive Screenshot

Viewing/Finding the Screenshots (via GUI):

  • Go to Steam Client -> View -> Screenshots
  • Use the dropdown menu to find your game of choice and the screenshot in question. Hit "Open on Disk" to reveal the stereoscopic screenshot on your disk. The 3D version will be side|side and will have _VR tagged on at the end of name of the file




Viewing the files in 3D:

    The easiest solution is to use SteamVR's build in media viewer:

  • Open SteamVR -> Media Player
  • Drag/drop the stero file from windows explorer into the media player
  • Ensure the format is set to "Side|Side", "Screen" and adjust the size using the slider.
  • You can use windows explorer to create custom folders with your 3D screenshots so you can easily navigate between screenshots inside of VR using the media player's sidebar.






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So I tried both SteamVR's media player and Big Screen back to back and I've got to say Big Screen is definitely better for mainly one reason: you can switch photos easily with arrow keys (left & right) using Windows slide-show in full screen mode (space-bar pause if you need to). Where SteamVR's media player can switch using up and down arrow then Enter key to switch but will jump out of stereo mode depending on the photo (all have "_vr" at the end of their names) not to mention the extra keystroke (Enter) to switch but it doesn't cycle from end to beginning and the jumping out of stereo mode is intolerable when compared to using the free Big Screen steam app. One issue with Big Screen is you have to open the stereo photos in windows into windows old Slide-show photo viewer (or maybe the new version) but who cares when compared with the other issues/deal breakers. Glad that Steam VR has a way to do it, it's just inferior by a mile to Big Screen. Also you get a nice living-room atmosphere with Big Screen (or pick a different setting).
Happy viewing ^_^*

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