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moved install folder and now no games work


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can some one please help me I have 100 vr games that I moved to a new hard drive as mine was failing 

they are all there but can not launch from viveport always comes up with error 

settings point to the new folder ok and new games start ok so what can I do now 


please please help 

I can redownload but its 195 gig long time even at 300mb 

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Hi @nigelxxx

Good news, you shouldn't have to redownload your games. You'll want to go to your library, hover over the game and you'll see 3 dots pop up, click that, and then click repair. As long as the game is in the new directory where you set downloads to install do, it will verify the files without downloading. Once it is done verifying, you can click play again and it should start right up for you. Let me know if this doesn't work for you. 

you got this bill murray GIF

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wicked and a big thank you I did try that late last night and must have did it wrong but looks like it is all getting set up just takes time 

many thanks for a quick reply 

I am so new to all this im 62 and love new tec just wish I was more with it lol 


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