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Bluetooth not available on startup.


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Hello, so everytime now for some reason, it won't detect my headset. I check on SteamVR settings and on Bluetooth it says "bluetooth not available" and on Base station it tells me to enable bluetooth. If i remove the USB and press "Remove all steamvr usb devices." This all off a sudden works again. And then if i use VR for a bit, stop and turn things off. I then wanna play the next day, i get this same issue and need to do the whole USB thing again. Power cycle did not fix it. 

So im wondering

1. Was there ever a cable from the base station to the PC or something? I can't remember using this when i had VR at my mothers house, but now when i moved out i have to use Bluetooth. It was over 6months ago since i last used VR.

2. Is there any better fix for this?  

3. I checked the setting so base stations are supposed to be turned off when i turn off steamVR but they stay on all the time. 

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