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Viveport Infinity’s Black Friday Bonanza


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Viveport is celebrating the holidays early this year with our Black Friday deal beginning now!

Starting today, a one-year membership to Viveport Infinity, the unlimited VR subscription service, is on sale for $60 (or local equivalent), a 45% savings! This special deal runs through December 1, 2019, and is available for VIVE, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Realty owners.

Not sure if an Infinity membership is for you? Check out our Q&A below to help answer your questions.




Why explore VR content through a subscription service?

With unrestricted access to the hundreds of VR titles in our growing library, an Infinity membership is your all-access ticket to top VR content. The VR content vast yet not all experiences are created equal. With a subscription service, you can try all the content you want while not committing a heavy investment.

With top titles running from $20 – $40, an Infinity membership saves you hundreds of dollars on VR content. Just playing through the top 20 titles in Infinity will save you over $500!




Check out all of the titles we just added in the last month here and stay tuned for even more popular titles coming in November!

Who is an Infinity membership for?

Everyone! Infinity is a hardware-agnostic service, supporting all major PC VR headsets on the market. With access to hundreds of indie and top titles, VR enthusiasts of all tastes will find the experiences that speak to them. Action, adventure, educational, fitness, cinematic, design, multiplayer and more – the Infinity library spans a diverse range of genres.

An Infinity membership is a perfect starting point for your VR journey. Play the classics or explore the most recent titles, there is always something new to do in Infinity.

What are other VR enthusiasts saying about infinity?

Check out some recent reviews of Infinity to bring you up to speed.

Cas and Chary – 10 Best Oculus & Valve Index VR Games on Viveport Infinity in 2019



Ben Plays VR – Viveport Infinity Review


Head to Viveport today to start your Infinity adventure: https://www.viveport.com/infinity

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I have one (perhaps stupid) question. As the infinity always starts with trial (where you are charged after trial) and this offers ends Dec 1 , how is this handled with payment? I mean if I activate trial these days , offer ends Dec 1, my trial ends, say, Dec 6 when my account should be charged, will it be this 60$ charge or it will be regular 120 (or whatever was regular price) ? Will system know account is valid for special charge even after Dec 1?  Or it works only in case that full annual charge happens before Dec 1? (so accounts activated until Nov 15)

TLDR: If trial activated on Nov 30 still gets special low 60$ yearly charge after trial finish (on Dec 13) after promo end date Dec 1


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Hi @Unkownlordken!

If you are looking to get in on the deal, you can start the trial but you'll want to make sure to actually subscribe before the deal ends. Normally, at the end of your trial, if you don't cancel it before it ends, you will be charged the monthly price from there. If you purchase the deal, it will take over your trial and start your year right then and there. Due to various timezones and what not, if you are planning on picking up the discounted annual subscription, I would do it no later than 30th to be 100% you don't miss out. 

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