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Dowlnoad failed check internet connection ! ?? im connected


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Hi, I am going to submit a ticket on your behalf for the situation you are experiencing. You will receive an email from Customer Care at the address associated with your email here. 

In the meantime, have you tried either of these two possible solutions? 1: Uninstall and delete the program folder where you set it to install and retry installation? 2: Is your anti-virus software stopping in the install? If it is, try disabling your antivirus temporarily until after your install. Let us know how that works out. You should also get a response for the ticket soon.



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Hi, I had the same problem.  Super-frustrating. I use pfSense. I temporarily NATed my PC to a DMZ and completed the install.  It looks like the Viveport servers use ports 55213 through 55219. Looks like I am going to have add a new firewall rule. Best of Luck.

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