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ViRtual Scoop: Reiko's Fragments and A Chair in a Room


Rieko's Fragment Vs. A Chair in a Room   

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Reiko's Fragments

Reiko's Fragments could be played alone or as a party game. In my case we played the crowd game. In this suspenseful yet exciting party game, we are able to bring friends into this haunted house and they were about to control the scares. The objective of the game is to try to find the real doll and escape before the fast moving and relentless ghost gets to you. My favorite part of this game is how engaging it is and finding out how ruthless your own friends can actually be. 

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/7888201e-e22f-4141-96e3-00e22e0e53a8/Reiko's_Fragments/


A Chair in a Room: Greenwater 

In this terrifying horror game it takes you through an investigation of institutional corruption, religious immorality and murder. A Chair in a Room is full of jump scares and ambiguous stories. After few minutes of minutes of this game, I was way too scared to continue on. However, if you love horror genre games, be sure to give this game a try!

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/90ebc7ad-5b5e-491d-b921-ea1de9c13c7f/A_Chair_in_a_Room:_Greenwater/ 

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