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ViRtual Scoop: Westworld: Awakening and A-tech Cybernetic


Westworld: Awakening and A-tech Cybernetic   

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Westworld: Awakening

Westworld: Awakening is based off of the HBO original series and you are playing the perspective of Kate, a host who is the unfortunate protagonist that eventually struggles through a series of horror experiences. This is a suspenseful narrative-driven experience with fluid locomotion, which can help reduce simulation sickness. During my experience, I encountered many puzzles and interacted with Hank who is a relentless serial killer host. I found this game to be entertaining yet disturbing. On another note, the visuals and narrations were stunning an impressive. To survive in the underworld, you must be careful and just as manipulative.

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/a093ee60-4a1e-442f-a4c9-3c301cbd5fb9/Westworld_Awakening/


A-tech Cybernetic

This is a first-person shooting game. For A-tech Cybernetic, there are two game modes: classic swarm mode that allows you to shoot and test your overall survival skills and there is a story mode. I played the game mode with teleportation feature. The shooting feature is very easy with this game and you are able to carry two guns, one on each hand and one holster on each hip. Depending on how you would like to shoot and destroy the mutants it can get gory and gruesome. Overall, I like how it is a smooth game experience.

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/64d75e04-39f5-4a59-83c4-8466bc939adb/A-Tech_Cybernetic_VR/

What are some of your favorite games in Viveport and Infinity? Let us know and maybe we will give a little review on those as well. Comment below. Also, don't forget to vote in the poll. 

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