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Dearest Cybernauts,

Enea here 🙂

I've been working superhard to create a version of #FORWARD for Vive Focus

it starts from the Last Immersion of the #30daysinVR 2018

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and brings you through a full-body XR Training Experience, in a laser graphic style, controller-free!

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gameplay is simple: you avoid red stuff... and you catch other stuff 😄

one of these things, are HOVERBOARDS. Get one and get ready to leap forward in time and space. like, FAST.

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Style is a fusion of early 80s and 90s graphics. tuned for maximum performance and see=through XR mode!


and.... there is also.... a story to unlock!!!!


This game is designed to stretch the limits of the platform, and of human senses.

If you are a Cybernaut and you are ready to go beyond all limits, find out more on https://fwdvr.webflow.io/

and on #FWDVR group: https://www.facebook.com/FWDVR




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