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ViRtual Scoop (Halloween Madness): Gloomy Eyes and Sinister Halloween


Gloomy Eyes Vs. Sinister Halloween   

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As we roll into Halloween,  full of spooky, eerie and jack-o'-lanterns we will dedicate the month of October's ViRtual Scoops to playing Halloween themed titles. 

Gloomy Eyes 

This animated VR narrative reminded me of Coraline (the cartoon movie) right of the back when I began. It gave me a combination feel of cute and creepiness. The characters were either adorable or a bite eerie. Two things stood out to me while engaging in this VR experience, I found that the visuals were immersive and beautifully transitioned. Next, I like the background music the developers chose for the transition scenes. One downside is, each volume is only about 15-20 minutes each, leaving me interested to watch more. 

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/9459a50e-aac7-4170-bc8a-627e66a4873c/Gloomy_Eyes_Vol._1/


Sinister Halloween 


If you are looking for some jumps and spooks, this is a great title to try. Sinister Halloween essentially is a VR haunted house with a mixture of escape room feel because there are clues that helps you navigate and discover items. I do have to say, personally I am a scaredy cat so I could not make it pass the first door. After I encountered the first creature/skeleton, I decided that was enough scare for a day. One big plus for the game is the option to choose between local-motion and teleportation. Overall, it was a great way to be in the Halloween spirit without leaving the house! 

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/a73de28a-2d4d-4ab4-8afa-743877f81f12/Sinister_Halloween/

Be on the look out in two weeks for two more awesome Halloween titles! See y'all soon, creep it real! 

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