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ViRtual Scoop: theBlu, The Great C and Manifest 99


ViRtual Scoop: theBlu, The Great C and Manifest 99  

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This week on ViRtual Scoop, we are featuring some VR experience games such as theBlu, The Great C and Manifest 99. Get excited and continue reading!



This was a deep-water experience that allows one to see the majestic wonders of the ocean. There are three undersea encounters, Whale Encounter: An undersea encounter with the largest species on Earth, Reef Migration witness the magnificence of the colorful coral reefs and lastly my favorite the Luminous Abyss, where I ventured into the deepest region of the ocean. The mechanics of this VR experience allows the players to get a face to face with some of the most aspiring creatures on the planet. Although there is no teleportation, you are able to “touch” and “feel” many of the species surrounding you. The best part is the tranquil yet realistic background sounds; it allows you to be absorbed into the ocean water and feel a part of the underwater world. 

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/1b591122-7ab7-4c27-9d31-cbaf9ef8e1e1/theBlu/

The Great C 



I was immediately captivated by the cinematic vibe once I got into the first chapter. The Great C did a wonderful job narrating a sci-fi story. Since, I don’t want to give away any of the plot, I will focus this particular impression on mainly the internal mechanisms and my overall feel towards this VR experience. For example, I felt like I was placed in the center of the movie, while exploring my surroundings. Although this particular VR did not have teleporting mechanisms, the game itself would shift from 2nd to 3rd person’s view automatically. I definitely recommend The Great C for anyone who loves a well-written story plot! 

Overview :https://www.viveport.com/apps/c02a1cff-8978-4824-a1fd-f9fd7bede0cc/The_Great_C/

Manifest 99



Manifest 99 is by far one of the more unique experience VR games I have encountered. It takes you on the eerie journey of four different characters, where you learn about their lives and paths into the afterlife. There is no need for the controllers in this game because essentially, the player is supposed to look into the eyes of crows and various characters in this cartoon story plot and that is one of my favorite perks about this experience. One thing I do want to point out is that the placements of the crows are all over the place, so you are sensitive to heights like myself, do be prepared to stand in some relatively high places! 

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/56ad018f-a1f3-493c-87ea-83aa039e359b/Manifest_99/

Try out these three experiences if you haven't and let us know which ones you like! And of course, don't forget to vote on the poll above 🙂 

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