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ViRtual Scoop: PowerBeatsVR and Synth Riders


ViRtual Scoop: PowerBeatsVR and Synth Riders  

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This week on ViRtual Scoop, I will be focusing on two rhythm-based VR fitness games. For those that are new, ViRtual Scoop is where I pair a couple of titles from the top game section on Viveport Infinity and share my first impress with you all. Okay, let's begin! 



PowerBeatsVR was very simple to understand. It is essentially a music fitness game with a lot of dodging and punching rocks that are coming your way. If you are looking for a great workout, just go straight to advanced stage and I guarantee that after a few rounds, you will be catching your breath (that's what happened to me). One of my favorite things about this game is the different background settings; it offers exciting virtual arenas such as wasteland, medieval ages and outer space. Another thing I like from PowerBeatsVR is that the flying rocks are coming to you, which is different from Synth Rider where the floor is moving below you and you are moving towards the objects.

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/90b80d5b-2375-4cbd-9e8f-07d2f362d551/PowerBeatsVR/


Synth Riders


Synth Riders made me think of Dance Dance Revolution when I first began playing with all of the neon colored stages. The goal is to hit different colored notes with the corresponding orb with your hand while dodging obstacles. One of the unique things about Synth Riders compared to PowerBeatsVR is there are corresponding orbs (pink for right hand and blue for left hand or vice versa). This way, it makes it a little more challenging as the level increase because you will have to react fast to match the pink orbs with the pink notes (blue with blue). It definitely can test your overall eye-hand coordination. The most exciting part of Synth Riders in my opinion is the music options, if you are a synth-wave music fan like myself, don't miss this one! 

Overview: https://www.viveport.com/apps/d6ce46cc-be8f-4d22-a750-ce7d702180d3/Synth_Riders/


Thanks for tuning in this ViRtual Scoop and don't forget to input your vote on the titles above! 

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