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New Viveport Team Member: InfinitiBeyond - Viveport Community Coordinator

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Hello Viveport Community, it's so nice to "e-meet" you all!

I'm the new Viveport Community Coordinator. I will be working very closely with @SuperNikoPower to continue to grow our community by generating some exciting contents. So be on the lookout for cool contests and interactive updates in the very bear future! 

A little background about myself, prior to joining the Viveport Team, I have little experience in gaming. However, I'm a tech-enthusiast; I'm always on the lookout to discover the next up and coming tech gadget. With that being said, I'm exploring the VR gaming world and I'm so thrilled to be sharing this journey with everyone and learning more from you all along the way 🙂



Tina (excited).gif

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