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7/22-7/23 - Vive/Viveport Community Forum Maintenance

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Hi everyone, 


On Monday, July 22nd, the forum will undergo maintenance from 3am PDT to 12pm PDT Tuesday, July 23rd. 


During this time, the forum will be in Read Only mode. This means you will be able to reference previous topics and posts but you will not be able to create new ones. This will be done so we don't lose any content during the maintenance period. 


The reason for this is so we can make the forums as easy navigate as possible. Over the last while, we've taken into account the various pain points the community brought to us and we are acting on those suggestions. Here is a short list of changes you will see and experience. 


1: Private Messages - Many of you have mentioned it isn't clear on how to send or respond to private messages here on the forums. We are fixing that with a visual clear path that makes it easy to identify what exactly you need to do to send, receive, and check your PMs. 


2: Navigation - We will be making it easier for you to find what you are looking for. From the front page you will be able to see everything you need. When you are looking over posts, you won't need to click on them to read the first post. Just hover over the topic title and a preview will pop up. 


3: Longer times before timing out - We've had quite a few of you mention timing out being an issue which requires a log in. This time will be extended for quite a while. You will still get signed out after a period of time but chances are, if you frequent the forums, you will return before that time runs out. 


4: This is the biggest of them all. When we come out of the maintenance period, you will notice there are two completely different sections of the forums. One will be a Vive community and the other will be a Viveport community. The main reason for this is so we can engage both communities efficiently. We will be able to address concerns, interact more smoothly, and give each their own look and feel. They will still be available side by side and you can go between the two freely and effortlessly. 


5: You will notice you will be redirected. We will be giving the forums a new domain. Your previously bookmarked links won't break and you should land on them with no problem. This post will be updated with the new links for your reference after the maintenance period is over. 


6: All new look and feel - Both the Vive and Viveport sections will be visually different but they will perform the exact same way. We are going for a more exciting visual appearance as well as matching their general brand look. 


Those are just a few things that you will notice when we are out of the maintenance period. You may notice a couple things still being moved around or tweaked once we are back live. Don't worry, you aren't losing your mind. We plan for just about everything before making these changes. You never know what little things can pop up that need to be adjusted. If you happen to see anything after, please make sure to comment in this thread and let us know. 

We hope you enjoy the new look on Tuesday. If you have any questions before then, please ask here as well. 

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