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It's time to go Beyond the Wall! Check out our new Game of Thrones experience!

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Venture north of the Wall in this new, immersive VR experience based on the acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones.



Experience the epic journey of Season 7’s “Beyond the Wall” episode like never before in stunning virtual reality. Immerse yourself through high-fidelity visuals reminiscent of the series, and Ramin Djawadi’s award-winning score in captivating spatial audio.


Leave the comfort of Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and explore the frozen waste as a battle-hardened member of the Night’s Watch. Face the cold darkness of winter as you follow Jon Snow's footsteps on his quest to prove the existence of the Night King’s Army.


Use your Ranger skills with a sword to defend yourself against the undead threat as you advance through iconic locations. Be prepared to face impossible odds on your quest as you hack and slash your way out of

dangerous situations.


One question remains: are you ready for what’s Beyond the Wall?


Remember, this is a Viveport Infinity Exclusive. If you don't have a Viveport Infinity subscription, you can take a test drive with our 14 day trial. 

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  - That's HBO's call, not ours. Our content teams are certainly lobbying to secure additional territories but ultimately it's HBO's decision as to which countries they'll allow the experience to be distributed in. As the platform, we basically enact the distribution settings that HBO has opted for in our developer console; we had no role in deciding the current availability. 


Beyond the Wall is currently available in English in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, the U.K., and Canada as of this post. 

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