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Im Back With a Giveaway


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Hello you Beautiful people. 
Sorry i have been away from this community for what seems like forever. I got caught up with work and getting our Tick from Twitch. Yes we are now official Twitch Partners and i know some of you in here have been a part of making that happen. 
The HelixxVR Team have been working on a new format Talk show in VR of course and will be launching the the 31st May 8pm EDT Time. So try and join us for "The Show" 
We have Ubisoft as our first guests and some special Giveaways Including a VR unit and Keys for the recently Released Space Ops game. 
So much more to tell you but will save that for another time. 
Dont forget to check out Viveport Wednesday on the Channel we always have something to give you Vr owners. 

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