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What is your favorite Viveport Infinity experience?

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As you know, we released Viveport Infinity a couple months back. Our subscription model changed from picking 5 titles a month to all you can play. No more having to decide which game you want to play. Which ones to hold onto and which ones to change. 


With that, which titles would you recommend people play? Since there are no limits other than their hard drive, they can play anything. 


I currently have 3 new "go to" games that have hit my rotation. 


1: Skyworld Kingdom Brawl. 

-This game is a fast paced, card based, strategy game. Think conquest, tower defence, and a deck builder all wrapped up into an awesome neat package. 



2: Final Assualt

-A WWII RTS. I've been waiting for a game like this to come along for quite a while. It is frantic and high energy. You have so many various troop and vehicle types, it is fun to try and figure out how you will destroy their towers. Overall, I've enjoyed this game a lot. It is still in Early Access but you wouldn't know it. 



3: I Expect You to Die

-Have you ever thought it would be awesome to a a James Bond style spy with all sorts of cool gadets? With the comedy in this escape room type of spy game, you might feel a little big like Johnny English as you die numerous times trying to figure out some tough puzzles. IEYTD is an awesome game full of awesome humor and super polished mechanics.  Give it a shot. You can't go wrong. 



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Some I like:

Richies Plank is by far my favorite VR experience ever. It let me check off "Fly through a city like superman" from my bucket list.



Overview blew my mind. I actually got kinda depressed afterwards from feeling so small and inconsequential, but that was well worth the education and experience I got.



Hopalong Badlands was way more fun than I thought it would be.


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