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Feedback to Viveport


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When you are looking for games on steam, you can click "mouse3" on a game to open a new tab and keep watching games and adding them to new tabs. When you found X games, u can stop and watch the trailers and gameplays if u want from the games that you added to that new tabs. That's very comfortable and helps you to keep looking throw steam more games and spending more time there. Here, on Viveport, you need to click one game, watch it, press the back button and keep looking, that's a lot of time wasting and 0 confortable.


I never suscribe paying to VivePort for that reason, I prefer to just look for games on Steam cause the navegation is easier and faster.


I hope you add this to Viveport so people that are used to do it on Steam can do the same on Viveport, who knows, maybe this helps you to bring more people here, you will have me for sure, and I know that there are others that have the same opinion as me.


PS: That new button "you are new on infinity" should be able to close, I know that if you put the window larger it wont hide the "next" button, but that's my standard resolution and that disturbs me there https://gyazo.com/5c0a784a8e422bf399ce86ed44799029 




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