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On 3/15/2019 at 4:18 PM, Bishdar said:

This is a really great step for Vive! Question though.... will there be a higher priced model for commercial use? As an out-of-home VR small business I would love to be able to pay one price and allow my customers to choose what they want. Right now I limit what they can play based on how the developer is charging. Additionally I have to pay markup to licence from a third party that supplies the game launcher for me so they take their cut as well. If I could pay one price to Vive it would make life so much easier and I could also afford to lower costs so that more people could play for their first time (or return to play).


Which third party launcher are you using? I am trying to launch my viveport apps from springboardvr but it has not worked. How did you configure the launcher? Did you use a URI or set the path to the .exe file?

Thanks in advance!

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@vrlabstation1 - I'm migrating your question into a ticket to connect with our arcade team for further support.

BTW, If you're trying to launch consumer Viveport (paid or Infinity) via a third party arcade launcher like Springboard in an arcade/commercial-use setting, you'd actually be violating our platform EULA/TOS as well as the licensing agreement of each of the individual applications you're launching. Commercial use requires a commercial use license and isn't covered under a standard consumer use license - this is true of all platforms (Steam has the Steam Site Licensing Program for instance). Viveport Arcade would be the proper licensing platform and launcher in a arcade/commercial-use setting in regards to Viveport apps.

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