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What games can I play with one base station?


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I would recommend doing some googling for games that support "snap turning". Games that support that locomotion mechanism will generally work well with single station setups. There exists a way to get WMR HMD's to snap turn in any game via SteamVR - I'm not sure if that trick works with Vuve as well. There was talk of using OpenVR Advanced settings to accomplish  this by binding a macro to a button press - I think the recent SteamVR updates have broken this ability though. 


Any seated experiences will work well such as Moss. Many PSVR and Oculus seated titles will be optimized for 180.


Depending on your play space, you can actually get pretty good 360 coverage with a single basestation if you mount it directly overhead pointed downward. I've done many single station installs using this technique - it's not as robust but it works under the right cirumstances. 



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