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Viveport Epic Deal - 5 Epic Games / $1 Each


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I really wish they said limited supplies. Just shows how new of a store front this is and and knowing that it cant honor its own advertisements is not exactly the best thing to keep me interested in this a a distrubutor. Only reason why Id ever consider this with its lack of steam intergration is if it was dirt cheap (and apparently has stock).

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, I am shooting you an email.


I want to take this opportunity to point out that we still have dozens of other games for upto 95% off right now. To see a full list of all Black Friday sales titles, please visit: 

                                                                         Viveport Black Friday Discounts

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How do we delete pending game orders from our transaction history?


I thought they would have eventually timed out, but they still show as pending.


Due to a glitch on the website when PayPal wasn't available for purchasing, it tried to charge a non-existant credit card on my account.


I was later able to successfully purchase the 2 games once they re-enabled PayPal as a payment option.


There are still 3 pending transactions.



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 - I've flagged an account manager about these "pending" transactions and will relay any feedback they may have. 



It's been a few days now, and the 3 pending transactions are still in my history, even after already making successful purchases of the 2 games.

Can someone please clean these up and delete them?



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