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Viveport Epic Deal - 5 Epic Games / $1 Each


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Hello Vive Community, 

For a limited time, we're currently hosting a holiday flash sale!  While supplies last, Viveport subscribers can purchase 5 popular titles for only $1 each. I've posted a short FAQ below, and you're more than welcome to use this thread to provide any feedback or alert us of any technical issues you may encounter. Cheers!



  • Q: Do I need to be a Viveport subscriber to take advantage of this promotion?
    • A: Yes - in order to get promotional pricing, you'll need to be an active subscriber. You can take advantage of this on all forms of active subscription (prepaid, monthly, and bundle/promotional
  • Q: Do I get to keep the games even if I stop subscribing to Viveport?
    • Yes, the games are yours to keep - these are fully !
  • Q: Are Oculus Rift users able to take advantage of this offer?
    • A: Yes, this promotion covers both Oculus and Vive compatible titles. 
  • Q: Can I install these games via the Steam client?
    • A: No, this promotion covers Viveport hosted builds. You will need to have the Viveport client installed in order to download and access these titles. 
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Hey everyone!


We hope you are enjoying the awesome new titles you've picked up. We've been flying through our supply thanks to you all!


For those who haven't picked up the titles you've been contemplating, don't wait any longer. Arizona Sunshine and The Wizards are on pace to sell out within the next couple hours. The other titles will still be available for the $1 price until their supplies run out as well. 


Do miss out on these awesome games for no more than $5 for subscribers. If you aren't a subscriber, ALL levels of subscription are eligible.

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And just like that, so many of you have enjoyed our sale and we’ve run out of supply for Arizona Sunshine and The Wizards.


Don’t worry though, the other games in the sale are still $1. The hilarious Accounting+, action packed Sairento VR, and heart pounding SUPERHOT VR are still available.


Don’t miss out. These are great games to add to your Viveport library!

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That is ludicrous, how can you "run out" of downloadable games?  There is no physical disc needed to run out. Someone just realized the sale was costing them too much money... Next time say first ____ customers only. You should be required to fulfill the deal.

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We have pre-negotiated a number of software licenses that fall under this promotion the with the developers/publishers of each title - hence this is a "while supplies last" (as opposed to a time-dependent) type of promotion as there are only a limited number of software licenses available at the promotional price point. 

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The sale page here says “while supplies last”. https://www.viveport.com/campaign/CAM__90e91ccc-ae2d-49c5-84db-7f23147aac29


Also our blog post says it and this post says it as well. I hope that helps.




In other news, we also just ran out of Accounting + and Sairento VR. We hope you all enjoy the excellent titles you’ve picked up.


Keep in mind, these types of deals can come back at any time so make sure to always check out Viveport platform and blog. Viveport.com

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When I click the link it doesnt say that. This it what it says.


"$1 Subscriber Exclusive


[uPDATE] Our Accounting+, Arizona Sunshine and The Wizards pre-sale deal is out of stock! Check back on 11/20 for Black Friday deals.



Black Friday Pre-sale starts now! Save $120+ when you buy all 5 games! Hurry, pre-sale ends Nov 20! "

I can post a pic but i dont know how on this board.



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