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Get FO4 free when you purchase a Viveport pre-paid subscription (Nov 6th-Nov 14th)


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Hello Vive Community, 


For a limited time (12:00 AM PT on November 6, 2018 until 11:59 PT on November 14, 2018)  you can receive a Steam key for Fallout 4 if you purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month pre-paid Viveport Subscription plan.You can find full details of the offer on promotion's official page here.


Please note that the codes will be sent out via email on November 18th


Feel free to use this thread if you have any questions or would like to flag the Viveport customer care team on an issue you're encountering. 



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Beware HTC Viveport subs!  You will not be able to get the F4VR deal.  I was a loyal monthly sub and was told it's not for me by their customer service.  I promptly cancelled my sub and will not be returning..  

HTC, please review your customer service strategies for future.  It would serve you better to consider not to offend current customers while drawing new ones.  Thanks for your service, just no longer for me.  I will go elsewhere. 


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